September 15, 2017 The small schools

       Since I have been involved in high school sports, I have come to absolutely love the small schools. I think the best part is that you are able to develop, not just working relationships, but friendships as well, with coaches and administration. So many of our small school coaches and teachers are right there at home, in the school they graduated from. Noxapater, where I worked last night, has several home town people coaching, teaching and in administration. 

     Next of course, would be the passion for sport in these small towns. If you want to see passion, real passion, for sport, go to a Noxapater/Nanih Waiya football game. Or, perhaps a Neshoba Central/Philadelphia football game. Before consolidation, the French Camp/Weir game was a real biggie. This is sport in it's truest form. It's not about money, it's all about the love of the game. It is all emotion and momentum.

     Over the next several weeks, for me, it will be mostly small schools. Noxapater, Nanih Waiya, Kemper County, Choctaw County, Choctaw Central, Philadelphia, Leake Academy, Winston Academy, Union, Ethel....I can't wait!


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