Community is something we don't think enough about these days. When I say community, I am referring to the groups of like minded people we associate with as we go through this life. With me, I associate with several "communities" being people involved with high school sports. Coaches, student/athletes, the parents, teachers and administration would fall into this community. Another would be photographers. I associate with a community of photographers, that engage in just about every aspect of photography even though 99% of what I do is strictly sports photography. Another community I am involved with would be made up of political activists and people engaged in social issues of these days. If you wanted to label me I would be a progressive.

        In my sports community, I support it by taking photos at sporting events to go with the column in the newspaper about the event. I also write myself, in this blog, or share things on recruiting sites, or on areas on I also, give the digital images away free to any parent or student/athlete.

       The sports community, in turn, has so many times, given me work, other than the newspaper work. I have always appreciated this. The most important thing I have gotten though, has been the friendships and relationships that I have developed. I never tire of this and it has never seemed like work when I am out on the field.

      With the community of photographers, for the most part, most of us support one another in several ways. Many times I have loaned camera bodies, lenses, reflectors, and strobes to other photographers. We share technical information with one another and we also give one another work as second shooters, or we fill in for one another for one reason or another. Just last night, I had to have someone fill in for me. 

     In the community of political and social activists, I have met so many good people. We have worked together in several different ways, from working with school districts with issues, to issues with the homeless and poor, to issues with legislation we did not agree with, mainly due to it adversely affecting one segment of society or another. I have documented several protests and marches and we have been successful in implementing change at times, other times we have failed miserably, but we continue on with the fight anyway. What have I received from this? Blessings, lessons, and satisfaction. We MUST help those that are not as fortunate as us. The poor and disadvantaged are not poor and disadvantaged because they want to be. God will bless us for this..God has and will continue to do so.

       Another thing that comes to mind when I think community, is that we must begin again, support locally owned businesses, artisans and craftsman. Lets keep our money local as much as possible. Times are changing rapidly, times are hard for many. Many are struggling. Lets understand which communities we belong to, and support them..



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