The Less Fortunate

      We have been involved in several social issues over the years, but the one that just won't go away in Mississippi, is poverty. The statistics, are, well downright sad. Below are some numbers:


22% of households in Ms live below the poverty level     that an income of 24,500 for a family of four. In my home county of Attala, its well over 30%


31% of children in this state live below the poverty level   In my home county of Attala it runs closer to 40%


23.5% of working age women in Mississippi live below the poverty level


18% of working age men in Mississippi live below the poverty level 


      More disturbing numbers are these

                  20% of young people between the ages of 18 and 24 are not in school or working

                 In 2015 only 77.6% graduated from highschool on time

                 For every dollar a man earns in our state women only make about 75 cents

                 21% deal with hunger and food insecurities

                And this crazy number....only 14.7 percent of the unemployed in our state are helped by                       unemployment insurance


       One issue we have worked on for quite some time is homelessness. The homeless population in Mississippi is somewhere around 3000. That is 3000 people on the street or in shelters. Most are on the coast and in the Jackson metro area. In Jackson, drive down the Farish/Mill Street areas along the railroad tracks. Or look across the street from the governor's mansion at Smith Park and you will see a dozen or more. That to me is striking. The opulance of the governor's mansion, then right across the street a dozen homeless. 

        People are not poor because they want to be. That guy standing on Lakeland Drive near St. Dominics with a sign up asking for food or money is not there because he wants to be. 

       Poverty is a complex issue that will not be solved any time soon in our state.







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